Fawnlet is inviting boylovers across the community to submit their written materials to be published in our magazine. We rely on your contributions to keep our readers happy with quality content. Do you have something to say, thoughts and feelings to express, a poem or story you've written, or maybe even artwork or reviews of boy movies? Your imagination is the limit, you can write about anything. Be as creative and original as you wish...

There is only one rule: it must be related to boys, boylove, or boylovers.  Other than that, it's an open field. Surprise us. Amaze us. 

However, we are still able to provide some ideas, as we believe it may be helpful. Below, there are some guidelines on what we do and don't want for Fawnlet.

What we do want

* Boy moments and BL reflections

* True stories/memories of time spent with boys

* Boylove internationally

* Boys and their love for toys/puzzles/hobbies

* Boys and technology, computers/Internet

* Boylove (and boylovers) in history

* Stories, articles, and profiles on famous boys

* Boys in the news

* Reviews of books, movies, music, and TV that feature (or are about) boys

* Boy/BL and/or MAP-related comedy, jokes, and humor

* Memories and tributes about BL chats/forums/websites of the past and present

* Messages to boys you love  (or have loved)

* Boys and health/fitness

* Boys and physical beauty/attractive-ness 

* Boys and fashion/clothing

* Creative works: boy-related fiction or poetry

* Plus all the many other countless boy-related subjects you could write about


What about length? How long should it be? Some pieces can be short, others can be long. We guarantee a full review of everything submitted. The word limit for every article/story/essay/etc published in Fawnlet is 4000 (four thousand) words.

"Oh, my story is at least three times that length! Does that mean you won't consider it?" No, we will definitely consider it. And if it gets approved, we will then split it up into parts, and publish it as a serial. Remember that no submission gets rejected purely on the basis of length. Yet there is a minimum of two paragraphs for any submission. And a two-paragraph submission will get the exact same amount of consideration as any other.

What we don't want

We will NOT accept your submission if it:

* Encourages readers to take stances in, or focus on, the "contact" debate regarding whether someone is "pro-C" or "anti-C"

* Encourages readers to partake in political or social movements or causes

* Attempts to persuade readers to vote for, or support, any politician or political candidate

* Appears intended to convey a strongly religious message

* Encourages illegal behavior of any kind, in any form

* Is overly erotic or salacious in nature

* Attacks a person (living or dead, famous or non-famous)

* Attacks any boylove board/forum/chat/website

* Is racist, misogynistic, or discriminatory towards any subset of people

* Is clearly spam or a troll submission


The reason we do not accept some of the things mentioned in the list above is that we are not -- and never will be -- a politically oriented publication, and we're not here for anyone to advocate their religious beliefs. We value your opinion and respect your religion, but religion and politics are covered in many other magazines. What you will not find in any other magazine is the subject of BOYLOVE. That is what makes Fawnlet special, and unique. As a boylover, you have the opportunity to take advantage of this platform and make your voice heard. And, icing on the cake, you can say what you really think, and express how you really feel.